Microgaming Pub Fruit Machines

Until Further Notice, Microgaming Has Pulled All Pub Fruit Slot Games From The Casinos

Anyone who has ever played AWP machines in the U.K. will love the Microgaming version of the Pub Fruit slots!! These online slots require a bit of luck and a bit of skill at the same time, when you sit down to play one of these Microgaming traditional 3 reel fruit machine in true British style!  There is no need to  wander down to the nearest pub or arcade when you can enjoy all the excitement of the fruit machines in your own home.

 Pub Fruit slots offer a secondary game that is not found with your typical slot machine,  If you spin the proper combination on you can play an additional bonus feature games. These feature games will sometimes allow  you to spin the wheel for additional cash, nudges, and hidden features.  Other special features of fruit machines include the Nudge and Hold buttons. If, for example, the fruit machine reels spin to pepper-pepper-lemon, you can hold the two first reels and re-spin only the third.  Also, if you see that the third reel is only one notch away from the coveted curry pepper, you can "nudge" it into place. Regular slot machines do not offer these options, which are unique to fruit machines.

Check out some of these cool Pub Fruit Machines!

The Bees Knees

The Bees Knees Pub Fruit Slot

Deep Sea Dosh

Deep Sea Dosh Pub Fruit Slot

Lucky Darts

Lucky Darts Pub Fruit Slot


Lady Luxor

Lady Luxor Pub Fruit Slot

Fire n Dice

Fire n Dice Pub Fruit Slot

Mule Britannia

Mule Britannia Pub Fruit Slot


Phileas Hog

Phileas Hog Pub Fruit Slot

Ski Bunny

Ski Bunny Pub Fruit Slot

The Umpire Strikes Back

The Umpire Strikes Back Pub Fruit Slot


Thor Blimey

Thor Blimey Pub Fruit Slot

Winning Wheels

Winning Wheels Pub Fruit Slot

Wheel Of Plenty

Wheel Of Plenty Pub Fruit Slot


Spin Crazy

Spin Crazy Pub Fruit Slot

Money Star

Money Star Pub Fruit Slot

Scratch N Spin

Scratch N Spin Pub Fruit Slot


Doggy Reel Bingo

Doggy Reel Bingo Pub Fruit Slot

Bundle in the Jungle

Bundle In The Jungle Pub Fruit Slot

Magnificent 777's

Magnificent 777's Pub Fruit Slot


Six Bomb

Six Bomb Pub Fruit Slot

Joker 8000

Joker 8000 Pub Fruit Slot

Billion Dollar Gran

Billion Dollar Gran Pub Fruit Slot


Gold Mine

Gold Mine Pub Fruit Slot

Spooks and Ladders

Spooks and Ladders Pub Fruit Slot

Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers Pub Fruit Slot


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure



Jamaican-a-Fortune Pub Fruit Slot


Treasure Ireland

Apocalypse Cow

Alien Cash Attack

Alien Cash attack


Dubya Money


Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies Pub Fruit Slot


The Gee Gees

2006 World Cup Game On!

Bingo Bango Boom


Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire

Chavin' it Large

Win Spinner


Cash 'n' Curry

You Lucky Barstard

Track and Field Mouse

Pub Fruity




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