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OKPAY providing users with a virtual account that allows to easily load, send, receive and withdraw money, convert the world's major currencies as well as make purchases online. Advanced eWallet system allows clients to pay online conveniently and securely without revealing personal and financial data, as well as to send and receive money transfers cost-effectively by simply using an email address. You will never encounter with chargebacks because money transfers are non-refundable.
Moneyline Wallet

Deposit funds to you MoneyLineWallet and then use these to fund your casino account. MoneyLine is a secure online money transfer service.

 Opening a MoneyLineWallet is easy and you can load funds safely from your checking account. You can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to any merchants that accept MoneyLine Wallet.

Currently only accepting US Customers


Mycitadel Wallet is a personal web-based cash account that you can fund directly from your bank account or via other methods. You can immediately use the funds to shop online or transfer them to your friends or relatives. myCitadel is simple and secure. It's FREE to sign up, and FREE to pay. myCitadel can be funded via Bank Deposits, Electronic Funds Transfers MasterCard, and Visa, other local payment methods in many countries using local currencies.

At current time they do not accept any new customers


EZIpay offers you the two most innovative market leading Internet Payment Solutions around. Available in Euro and US dollars, the EZIpay Internet account and ATM Card work as a web wallet and a private card that will transform both the way you receive your winnings and deposit money into your Casino Account.


Your EZIpay Internet Account is an Internet Wallet that allows you to make instant deposits in the casino.


Funding your EZIpay Internet Account is really easy and you can use various methods:


  • Credit Card
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer
  • Transfer from your EZIpay ATM account.

One of the appeals of
EZIpay is its high spending limit of USD3000 per day. 

Bank Draft

Bank drafts and personal checks can be mailed directly to your favourite Casino for deposit. In all our casinos Bank drafts and personal checks are awarded with a 15% bonus by the casino. The Casino will cover all shipping costs for bank draft deposits over $300 that are sent to the Casino via Fedex, TNT, UPS or DHL. After the check is received the casino will add the shipping cost back into your casino accou
Upon receipt, bank drafts typically take 10 business days to clear, while personal checks take 21. At the time that the check is received we will credit your account so that you may begin playing, but we will not allow any withdrawals until the check clears.

CLICK AND BUY has been online for over 8 years and has over 7000 online merchants that you can safely buy from , including Apple iTunes, AOL,Electronic Arts,
msn, Sandisk, Skype and T-Online

They do not accept USA customers



CLICK2PAY provides you with a variety of options to load funds to and to withdraw funds from your CLICK2PAY account. Your account and cash is accessible. Around the globe. Anytime. And of course, all your CLICK2PAY transactions can be viewed and managed in your online account-area.

They are not accepting any new US customers


The Delta card is only available to UK residents and works like a credit card

Your transaction will most likely be approved if a casino accepts Delta deposits

as there are no restrictions on using credit cards for depositing funds to casinos

UK residents only


Entropay is a prepaid account that is Visa based and can be used wherever Visa is accepted and can be loaded with your personal credit or debit card

They do not accept customers from the USA


Fund directly from your US or Canadian bank account
Instant credits
No fees
No registration process
Fast, easy and instantaneous

No Casinos Allow USA Echeck Payments



Greendot cards can be purchased at Wall Greens, CVS stores, and Radio Shack

and can be reloaded at participating stores. The fee for this is $4.95 ( the reload pack) plus the amount that you are going to put onto your card.

When first purchasing the card, you will receive your card number immediately(after activiation and your physical card in about 5 days.

This can also be used to fund your Epassporte account if you can’t get it to work at a casino

They accept USA customers

Instadebit is the only service that allows customers to sign up and pay for services from their bank account immediately in real time and it doesn’t require the funding of a third party account. Instadebit is a revolutionary online debit payment system that is funded directly from your bank account.

They do not accept USA customers

Masestro card is a UK debit card where as the money comes out of the players account in a couple of days, so anytime you make a purchase the amount will be debited from your account within 48 hours.

This is a sister to Mastercard

Also note that Switch card has combined with Maestro

UK residents Only



Deposit/withdraw funds via credit card or bank transfer. Use your account to send/receive money to/from anyone with an email (also people who are not members yet).




NETELLER operates a secure online funds transfer service. One of the leading service providers in the industry, the firm has been providing secure online transactions since 1999. A NETELLER account acts as an e-wallet that enables customers (individuals who open NETELLER accounts) to load, withdraw and transfer funds. Customers can instantly transfer funds to/from any merchant website that supports NETELLER's online payments system, and to/from other NETELLER customers.

They do not accept USA customers


Netspend is a prepaid debit card that you can fund using Western Union, Direct Deposit or Paypal. It can also be used at online merchants as well as grocery stores, convenience stores and atm machines.

They accept USA customers


Good news for our German and Austrian players! This method is Europe's first prepaid card for shopping on the Internet. It allows everybody to pay online - safe, anonymous, fast and easy. You simply purchase a Paysafecard; scratch to reveal the 16 digit PIN-code, enter it and you are ready to go. The cards are available in 25, 50 and 100 Euro amounts. PIN-codes can even be purchased online at the very same PaySafeCard website.
paysafecard is the leading prepaid payment card for Internet payments. paysafecard allows easy and secure online shopping without the need of giving away your personal data

They do not accept USA customers



PaySpark offers convenient funding and withdrawals to consumers who transact online. Users are first issued with the PaySpark Internet Payment Account with its convenient funding methods, and then have the option of applying for either the versatile ATM debit product, or our Global Access credit account when they need to redeem payments and winnings.

They do not accept USA customers


Solo Card is another popular online debit card that is available for UK residents

and works the same way as other debit cards in which you must have the funds on

your card before you can use it.

UK Residents Only


Direct online real-time payments from over 11 Million online banking Buyers and growing. The best transaction fees available on the Internet today. No holdbacks. No merchant account involvement. Quick and convenient direct transfer of funds to your preferred method.

Wire Transfers

There is usually a fee charged by the bank, but most of the casinos will reimburse the fee in the form of an added bonus to your account.
The best advantage is that with wire transfers, you do not have to open an account with a third-party intermediary. Also is very common that the casino will reward every deposit you make with a 15% bonus. Wire transfers are accepted in U.S. dollars only.
In all casinos when executing a transfer, you will need to provide ONLY your account details and your player code, which may be found in the Wire Transfer instructions of the Cashier section.
Please allow about 5 days for the amount plus your 15% bonus to appear in your account. You will receive a confirmation email from the casino that your account has been updated and the funds deposited.

Wired Plastic is another prepaid debit card that can be funded using Moneygram Western Union, Direct Deposit, Paypal and Bank Transfers

It can also be used at online merchants as well as grocery stores convenience stores and atm machines.

You can also withdraw from the casino to Wiredplastic.

They accept USA customers.


This information is NOT deemed towards USA players, these methods are provided to all NON USA players where gambling is legal.


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